How does the construction selection process work?

Preparation is the be-all and end-all

Selections is an essential part of apartment and house construction and therefore one of the most exciting stages for the future owner. It begins with the selection of the appropriate floor plan, through the choice of the heating system, to the decision of the parquet color in the living room. Particularly here the future owner should read the performance specification of the building contractor carefully, since often only a standard basic equipment is contained in the price. Everything that is not listed there in the end or deviates from this standard equipment can drive up the costs considerably.

Good preparation for the selection appointment is therefore the be-all and end-all. It is advisable to visit several manufacturers' exhibitions or exhibition centers in order to get an overview and to be clear about the basic color and room designs. The selection procedure can vary depending on the construction project and the construction company. Sometimes, model homes or apartments are offered for walk-throughs. In other cases, an equipment catalog is reviewed with the builder to select the desired elements. Depending on the scope of the equipment elements, you should expect 1-2 days.

Save time and nerves by choose the selections with Planstack

Planstack is a web application for handling construction selections and special requests. You, as the owner, receive your own access and can thus carry out the selection digitally. This has advantages for both the owner and the construction company.

How does the selection work nowadays?

Currently, the selection process is often still carried out in analog form. The documents prepared for the owner often have a length of 30-60 pages and are sometimes still sent by mail.

If Planstack is used for your construction project, the construction company creates the selection sheet or configuration digitally with all selection options and relevant information. As soon as the process has begun, the owner is invited to configure their home. They are then guided step by step through the furnishing process and receive valuable additional information on the individual furnishing elements, dates and deadlines. You can adjust your selection at any time up until the deadline. If you have any questions, you can also communicate directly with your contact person via the application, so no information is lost and correspondence between you and the construction company is seamlessly documented. Another important advantage is that if you have change requests that go beyond the standard equipment, you can also easily express and process special requests via the application.

Planstack as a digital companion in the selection process

Planstack guides you interactively through the selection steps, gives you detailed information on the individual products and automatically points out additional costs incurred by deviating requests.

In addition, stored three-dimensional furnishing elements can be viewed extensively and from all angles in the room in order to optimally match color effects and dimensions to the living space. Here, however, it is also worth visiting manufacturers once again in order to better assess the feel and real effect of furnishing items.

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