How does the change request process look like?

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Have you recently purchased a property and would like to have a customized interior?

This is usually not a problem with turnkey construction, because the developer usually gives you the option of expressing change requests when you purchase your own home. This means that you can request changes that deviate from the standard equipment.

Well, what does a change request include?

Change requests are basically deviations from the specified standard equipment. Examples include changes to the floor plan or materials, floor coverings, wall coverings, and fixtures such as sinks, showers, bathtubs, or faucets.

However, be careful: If your request concerns common property, you must check whether the declaration of partition and the partition plan permit such a change. If the declaration of division excludes the change, the community of owners can demand that it be removed (even years after the statement was made). For example, a floor plan change that affects a load-bearing wall could already fall under such scrutiny. Externally installed blinds or different types of windows change the appearance of the building - here, too, the owners' association must be involved in the decision-making process in addition to the technical and legal clarification.

Equally important is the time at which you make the request. During or towards the end of construction, some wishes may no longer be taken into account or only to a limited extent. The later the change request is made, the more likely it is that further construction will be impeded and the higher the costs of implementation will be, if this is still possible at all.

Moreover, any request that deviates from the standard equipment is usually associated with additional costs that are strongly related to the complexity of your change request. Several factors go into the subsequent quotation for the homebuyer: How many trades are involved in the implementation? What material costs will be incurred by implementation? Do existing structural designs have to be changed?

What is the exact process for a change request?

The process is as follows: You express your request to your developer or contact person with a detailed description and attached sketches, etc. The change is then checked for feasibility. If necessary, specialist planners or subcontractors must already be consulted for this. Technical and legal framework conditions must be clarified. If the implementation of the change request is possible, you will receive an offer with the corresponding items for material and effort. You now have the option of either rejecting the offer or signing it and placing a legally binding order for the work to be carried out. Subsequently, the required trades will be informed by the construction company about the change request, commissioned and your request will be implemented.

The acceptance of the additional services expressed by you takes place either together with the handover of the apartment or already at a previously agreed date. Thereby the execution is checked for a defect-free implementation. If you are not an expert in this field yourself, you can have an expert advise you during the acceptance procedure.

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