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"With Planstack, we have a full overview of special requests and sampling. Thanks to the intuitive interface, everyone involved - from planning to construction management to customer support - can access the same data status." - Jasmin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

The project: Turmfalke Suites, Andermatt Switzerland

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In the heart of the Swiss Alps lies the vacation region of Andermatt. This region not only makes the hearts of winter sports enthusiasts beat faster, but also offers a breathtaking natural and mountain landscape. The project "Turmfalke" by SWISS PROPTERTY AG combines nature, comfort and style there. With their innovative timber construction, the two houses fit perfectly into the core of the region and the surrounding nature. For special living, the project also offers residents a wellness area, a fitness area and an indoor golf facility.


Area: Multi-storey residential construction, timber system construction

Most important modules in Planstack: special request management, project & task management and digital sampling.

Short profile

SWISS PROPTERTY AG develops and builds high-quality real estate in the DACH region. With a focus on sustainability and the latest technologies, wood counts as the most important building material for them.

A common database

The goal was to use Planstack to create more streamlined processes and collaborative workflows for special request processing and sampling. Software applications such as Excel or Google Sheets have proven to be not only confusing, but also extremely error-prone. In addition, several parties work together in buyer management during special request processing. The planning team to coordinate the feasibility, the customer service as the central coordination and the construction management as the executing force on the construction site. With Planstack, it is now possible for all parties involved in the construction process to access a common data status, to be informed about changes, and to document the construction process in a comprehensible way.

Close coordination for customer-specific adaptations

As SWISS PROPERTY AG proves, Planstack can be introduced even after a project has already started. The creation of master data and the mapping of the project structure is possible in a short time and with little effort.

At the beginning of the collaboration, a few adjustments were still necessary, since Planstack was not yet fully aligned with the requirements in Switzerland at that time. Through quick and uncomplicated coordination, these, such as the currency "Swiss Franc", could be integrated promptly and nothing stood in the way of the project start.

"We were always advised very well and everything we wanted was integrated and that's why it works absolutely well now." - Jasmin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

Collaborative workflows in special request processing

Special request management was particularly important for the project in Switzerland. Requests could be created in detail and filled with the necessary requirements. A task is automatically generated for each special request - And this is where Planstack's strengths really shine. Task workflows are already defined in the web application so that even with a lot of data, it is quickly apparent which phase a request is in and what the next steps are. Each special request then goes through several steps, such as the feasibility check. Via the comment functions, the parties involved can subsequently coordinate their comments and can still track information later on. In addition, further information can be exchanged, direct assignments can be made and can also be digitally linked to the corresponding trades for the construction site.

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