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Communication and job site software to help any builder grow and deliver projects.
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All data mobile with you

Effortlessly achieve the highest construction and execution quality in all your construction projects! With Planstack, you always have all project data with you on the go.

Fast coordination

Put an end to unnecessary coordination rounds: Chat with your project partners and collaborate on documents and tasks.

Central documentation

Every action and every document is safely stored in Planstack, even after construction is complete. This means that you remain capable of taking action and providing information at all times.

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A simple solution for managing complex construction processes

Planstack supports you in your daily work, regardless of your role. In the control center for your construction project, you manage the entire development cycle in a single collaborative environment.

Bundled knowledge

A project space for everybody

Dropbox, Trello and Slack in one? With Planstack, you work across projects with different teams in just one tool - no matter in which phase your construction project is (planning, execution, management). True to the motto : "From the first sketch to the handover of the keys".

Eine Plattform für alle Bauprozesse
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Digitale Bauakte

Real-time insights into project progress

Especially for you as a builder and adapted to your construction project, you will immediately receive all updates on the project status and progress via Planstack. Store plans, photos, data sheets, and logs online and track the tasks of all work performed on a project at any time.

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Plan & build legally compliant

With Planstack, your digital documents are archived completely and traceably in one place. Search and filter functions make it possible to find processes even after the successful completion of your construction project. This means that you always have all the information you need at your fingertips in the event of liability issues or warranty claims.

Dokumentation der Aktivitäten für mehr Rechtssicherheit

Your digital project assistant

Imagine someone assisting you with all the coordination and tasks related to your construction project and covering you for disputes without any extra expense.

Quick setup

No long onboarding, no obligations: Get started easily and free of charge with the "Starter" package.

Project space

Work as a team in a digital space - legally secure and GDPR compliant.

Project progress in real time

Keep an eye on the development of your construction project in real time - no matter when, no matter where.

One Application

All data about the construction project via the app - always and everywhere at hand.

Collaboration made easy

Work with all project partners together in one digital place.

File management

Organize and distribute files as well as plans digitally and traceably

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