Task Management

Efficiency through standardized processes

Well-organized task management and standardized work processes allow work to be completed more quickly and efficiently.
Aufgabenmanagement mit standardisiertem Workflow
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Overview over the construction site

Always keep track of upcoming tasks and the development and progress of the construction site.


Work together to ensure the success of the project and complete tasks as a team.


Good documentation is the be-all and end-all. Record every work step and store it in an audit-proof manner.

Task management

Visualization of workflows

With the help of standardized processes, tasks are efficiently processed step by step. The integrated view using Kanban boards enables bottlenecks to be identified and projects to be managed in an agile manner.

Visualisierung der Arbeitsabläufe
Dokumentation aller Vorgänge
Site documentation

Digital construction record

The documentation and traceability of the construction work is an important component of a construction project, both during and at the beginning of the warranty phase. To make this easier for you, processes and activities during the project are compiled at various points for you to retrieve at any time.

Automatic task assignment

Construction site management made easy

Benefit from automatic task assignment to the participants. Conveniently track the progress of the work and stay informed as soon as an acceptance can take place. If an implementation proves to be deficient, rework can be easily ordered via Planstack.

Verwaltung der Aufgaben einfach gemacht

FAQ about task management

In our construction project management, you have an overview of the upcoming tasks of the construction project. These can be processed step-by-step in Planstack with the help of a standardized process sequence and in cooperation with all parties involved.

By standardizing the processes, they can be executed faster and more efficiently. Not only does this save you an enormous amount of time, but all actions and activities are traceable and centrally available at all times.

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