Documentation & Warranty

Construction documentation made easy!

No more closets full of folders and printed mountains of paper - with Planstack you are on the safe side. Quite simply and digitally.
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Avoid misunderstandings

With Planstack, all information is in one place - making it easy to avoid misunderstandings.

Always on the safe side

The timing and content of agreements are often the decisive factor in legal disputes. Automatically documented for you in Planstack.

Can be integrated into your everyday life

Without additional effort, Planstack adapts to your daily routine and always supports you in warranty issues before, during and after the construction phase.

Digital construction record

Like your binders, only better

The documentation and traceability of the construction work is an important component of a construction project, both during and at the beginning of the warranty phase. For this purpose, processes and activities during the project are compiled at various points for you to retrieve at any time.

Dokumentation aller Aktivitäten
Webanwendung mit Plan und Dokumentenmanagement
Central filing

Hold all the strings

There are disputes about when documents were provided to a project partner or what was agreed with the customer? Since in Planstack this information is all automatically captured, it is easy to track when what happened in the construction project. No matter when, no matter where.

Building defects and warranty

Digital warranty management in construction

It is not uncommon for defects to still occur during the ongoing warranty phase. With Planstack, you can not only document the expiration of the individual trade deadlines, but also actively work with customers and project partners to eliminate them. This saves time and nerves.

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FAQ zur Projektplanung

Warranty management is a service that on the one hand secures the contractual claims of the client and on the other hand guarantees the full elimination of defects before the end of the warranty period. Conscientious warranty management is essential to maintain the value of the building.

Thanks to Planstack, you don't have to worry about accruing warranty claims, as all relevant information is available to you at all times. Not only do you have all dates and deadlines at a glance, you save hours of rummaging through archives or folders with our intelligent search and filter function.

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